A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach
by Jaye Lee Vocque
Ultrasuede Productions
Lodi, CA
60 Minutes
Dark Comedy
EXIT Stage Left, 156 Eddy St, SF
TICKETS: $12 ($14.99 online)
SAT SEPT 9 4:00 PM A Day At The Beach
WED SEPT 13 8:30 PM A Day At The Beach
SUN SEPT 17 4:00 PM A Day At The Beach
FRI SEPT 22 7:00 PM A Day At The Beach

A beautiful day. A secluded beach. Two strangers. The end of the world approaching. What could go wrong? What could go right? From Jaye Lee Vocque, the writer who brought you last year’s SF “Best of” winner BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS. This Dramedy explores what happens when a woman with stunted growth and a free spirit go through the five stages of grief. Questioning faith, the future, and how much alcohol does it take to forget your worries.
Jaye Lee Vocque (Playwright) is the writer and performer of last year's "Best of SF Fringe" for his one-man story-telling show Based On Actual Events. It won another "Best of Fringe" and "People's Choice" award at the Nugget Fringe Festival. Other shows include Barroom Philosophers, which debuted at the 2007 SF Fringe Festival and performed at the 2009 Orlando Fringe Festival. More recently, The Midsummer Nightmare (or Plan XIV from Out of Space) which is the first show of Jaye's newly formed ShakesPOP! performance troupe that debuted in July. Vocque is thrilled to have A Day at the Beach debuting at the SF Fringe. Thanks go to Lori Titus, his wife, Karene, and of course, his mother, Linda Jane Parson.
Aaron Miller (Skippy) is in his second Ultrasuede production after being in Midsummer Nightmare. He is looking forward to this project and many more. He loves being in this theatre troupe and being able to call them family.
Amber Blount (Assistant Director) is enjoying being a part of her second Ultrasuede Fringe production after Midsummer Nightmare and can’t wait for the show!
Mariah Cardoza (Barbara Ann) This is Mariah's second experience performing in a fringe festival and she is honored to be in the SF Fringe. She would like to dedicate this to her fur-baby, Rocko, her parents, Dan and Sharon, and her boyfriend, Dave, for putting up with her constant line running and all around craziness. Thank you for your never-ending patience, love, and support.
Karene Vocque (Windy) was most recently seen in Ultrasuede’s production of The Midsummer Nightmare, a translation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream into a 50’s B-Movie. Other favorite roles include Carol Burnett in A Tribute to Carol Burnett, and Grandma in The Addams Family. She would like to thank Nikki, Amber, Aaron, & Mariah for joining us on this journey. You are all amazing. And to Jaye, thank you for your belief in me. I love you.
Nichole Pendley (Director) first fell in love with theatre as a child and has been hooked ever since. She loves to be involved in every aspect including light design, stage managing, and directing. A Day at the Beach is her directorial debut though she has assisted many times.