Hitler in the Green Room

Hitler in the Green Room
by K.S. Haddock
At the I-Beam Productions
Daly City, CA
55 Minutes
Musical Comedy
EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy St, SF
TICKETS $10 ($12.99 online)
FRI SEPT 8 8:30 PM Hitler in the Green Room
WED SEPT 13 7:00 PM Hitler in the Green Room
SUN SEPT 17 5:30 PM Hitler in the Green Room
FRI SEPT 22 7:00 PM Hitler in the Green Room

This dark musical comedy takes place in the “green room” the night before the 1933 Nuremberg Rally. Hitler has been struck deathly ill and it’s up to his four companions to make sure the show goes on. Joseph Goebbels, Rudolf Hess, Ernst Röhm, and Leni Riefenstahl conspire to prop up a Hitler impersonator to take the place of their Führer. But at such short notice, their only choice is a drunk, gay, Jewish cabaret singer.
K.S. Haddock (Writer / Director / Producer) : A Bay Area native, K.S. (Keith) is a seasoned writer and performer who has been seen and heard on stage, screen, and radio for over two decades. An accomplished writer, Keith has a published novel (The Patricidal Bedside Companion) under his belt and two previous Fringe Fest victories (Thanatics, a Rock Opera and Hell, the Musical). When not writing, Keith also plays sings and plays mandolin in the band providing music for the Hitler in the Green Room, The Gravel Spreaders.
Mark Ungar (Onstage Musician, Songwriter) - known to the masses as Uncle Mungar - has been associated with K.S. Haddock Enterprises since the Dawn of Time (R)(TM), or the Eocene Epoch (whichever comes first, your mileage may vary). He's been playing the git-tar and writing songs since 1972. Deal with it. He won't bite. All rights reserved, not valid in Michigan. Order now. Operators are standing by. As seen on TV. Not responsible for side effects, which may include: Double Vision, Hot Blooded ( check it and see, got a fever of 103), Hot Pants, Mojo Hand, Black Cat Bone, St. John the Conqueroo, and Deathm.
Jenny Rand (Leni, Choreographer) Jenny is delighted to be back at SF Fringe Fest and working again with the creative team behind Hell, the Musical (“Best of Fringe” winner, 2009). Jenny began her performing arts career dancing with Sacramento Ballet and ventured into theatre after an injury. Receiving a B.A in Musical Theatre (CSU, Chico), Jenny has since performed in many local community and regional musical theatre productions. Given her two decades of dance experience, Jenny often finds herself wearing a choreographer’s hat and takes special pride in helping the “non-dancer” find their groove.
Peter Sroka (Joe) was born and raised on the New Jersey Shore. He played several leading roles at Monmouth University, before joining the Peace Corps and moving to Sierra Leone, West Africa where he worked as a primary education workshop coordinator for 3 years. After returning to the USA, he moved to California to work as a classroom teacher (various grades), often performing in theater productions and bands by night. He has worked on national tours and at theaters in NJ, Los Angeles, Boston (where he attended Harvard Graduate School of Education), and San Francisco. For the past 10 years, Peter has been with SFUSD, doing original music and theater at 5 elementary schools. His students have performed at the de Young and Asian Museums, and at the American Conservatory Theater. He is a recipient of The Dream Catcher and Rave awards for educators. His app "Peter's Music Class" is available for iPhones and iPads. This is his third Keith Haddock SF Fringe show.
Chritopher J. Callahan (Earnie) Callahan has been singing, acting, writing and performing music throughout Northern California since the 1990s. He’s performed “rock-n-roll Shakespeare”, or as Good Queen Bess, with The Stark Ravens Historical Players, as well as co-written the score for “The Almost True Adventures of an Ex-Mormon Stripper” in the 2005 S.F. Fringe Festival. When he isn’t singing with the award-winning vocal group Brass Farthing, he’s playing in venues all over the Bay Area with his Gomer-punk band High Card Drifters.