My First Miracle

My First Miracle
by Bennet Caffee
San Francisco
Solo Performance
EXIT Studio, 156 Eddy St, SF
60 Minutes
TICKETS: $8 ($10.99 online)
SAT SEPT 9 2:30 PM My First Miracle
SUN SEPT 10 7:00 PM My First Miracle
TUE SEPT 19 8:30 PM My First Miracle
WED SEPT 20 7:00 PM My First Miracle

I’m standing in the middle of a football stadium full of people. They think they’re here for a Rolling Stones concert, but they’re really here for me. The Stones are about to come on and I see in front of me a girl on crutches. My first miracle – I’m gonna make her walk. An insider’s look at bipolar mood disorder.
Bennet Caffee (Performer) I love performing on stage. For me it’s the next best thing to being manic (which I can’t do anymore). For several years I have been developing and performing the material on which “My First Miracle” is based. As the title might imply, my first performances depicted the extreme and joyous side of my disorder. Telling those stories helped me to “get it out of my system” and realize I had more to say, not as fun but needing to be told. This version of “My First Miracle” reflects the realization I had while developing it, that living without depression is worth letting go of my romantic notion of life in the extreme. Developed with David Ford and Charlie Varon.