A Day At the Beach
A beautiful day. A secluded beach. The end of the world approaching. What could go wrong? What could go right?
An Audience With Shurl
When her baby’s taken for adoption, Shurl struggles to find connection in an ever-shifting landscape. Nominated for Outstanding Performance Award, Prague Fringe. “Sad, sweet and funny all at once…storytelling at its very best” – Edfringe; “Gripping, immersive stuff and powerfully emotional” – Three Weeks; “Perfect fusion of script and performer…beautifully executed” – Broadway Baby
In this show you will meet four individuals who each describe their personal experience with the word "BLACK!" We will learn about their stories, how their lives are affected by this word, whether positively or otherwise, and most important, their individual perspectives. We hope to better understand whether there are any similarities or has Society 'bought into' the stereotypes that exist.
If so...WHY?
Book of Emily (Part One)
A coming of age story turned on it's head. Emily gives her life story in a flash forward way, skipping around and reciting love letters and dramatizing past solo shows. She sings and dances and keeps track of the pop music of the times. It's embarrassing and truthful and entertaining and if you don't know Emily, you will after seeing this show.
Dandy Darkly's Myth Mouth!
Dandy Darkly makes his San Francisco debut! Dandy is New York City’s alt-cabaret, cult sensation with a masterful and mesmerizing style of Southern gothic storytelling that has astounded critics and delighted audiences at Fringe festivals and theaters across the globe. His latest show, Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth!, explores themes of religion, addiction and social media obsession via satirical tales concerning a junkie Persephone, space-pup Laika, virtual reality fixation and humanity’s premiere popinjay, Cha-Cha the Caveman.
Hitler in the Green Room
This dark musical comedy takes place in the "green room" the night before the 1933 Nuremberg Rally. Hitler has been struck deathly ill and it's up to his four companions to make sure the show goes on. Joseph Goebbels, Rudolf Hess, Ernst Röhm, and Leni Riefenstahl conspire to prop up a Hitler impersonator to take the place of their Führer. But at such short notice, their only choice is a drunk, gay, Jewish cabaret singer.
How do we discover what home means when we feel like we never fully fit in anywhere?
Eager to leave behind her suburban US life, Amy moves abroad to explore the world. But when sudden events force her to return, she navigates a more personal terrain, compelling her to reflect on her identities as an American, transracial adoptee, and woman of color, as she seeks to define what home really is.
How Not To Die
Atomic bombs! Terrorists! Lone shooters! Viruses! Threats are everywhere! HOW NOT TO DIE is a dark comedy about living in constant crisis. Armed with crazy - and not so crazy - safety tips, Sherri Rose bravely and humorously explores our fears in a time-jumping, multi-character solo show. Personal and political, the show has never been more relevant as it examines how we balance staying alive and truly living!
Keeping Up with the Jorgensons
The year is 1982. Reagan is President, E.T. is released, and Jeremy takes a road trip with his week-end father to Orange County. Forced to repeatedly tickle his father’s feet, sleep in his grandmother’s bed and go to an unknown relative’s wedding, he’ll do and say anything that will secure a visit to the most magical place on Earth: Disneyland.
Making Your Plants Meditate
Using a variety of textured microsounds, Katarina Countiss and friends will explore a loose narrative of consciousness, interaction, and the nature of the unknown through a variety of approaches.
My First Miracle
While traveling in Thailand a man becomes romantically involved with a woman he just met and tells her a story about an LSD induced experience he had years ago. Wanting to know what it's like be delusional (he thought he was the New Messiah), she encourages him to reveal more. But as he's telling her his stories he feels himself falling into the same experience he’s describing.
A multidisciplinary Performance based inquiry into Black identity. This Solo work bravely explores and dissects Blackness as an original and necessary social construct. Because Blackness is rooted in Slavery and saturated in Caricature this work fearlessly and intentionally uses Black Face, Spoken Word, Movement and Monologue to disarm and disrupt the world view of what Blackness is.
Not Until They're Dead
Stories about our parents that we feel like we can’t tell to the world, or at least not until they’re dead. Except we're telling them anyway. A physical comedic energetic event with gentle private moments incorporating clown, character work, musical theatre, Neo-futurism, drag and more.
PeeVira's SCAREavan Sing-along: The Killer 90's
Ghostface has taken PeeVira's SCAREavan hostage and we must sing-along to the 1990's classic hits that made us jam out in our bedrooms and school dances...or he blows up the van. Ride with her through the Fringe hub as she guides you on a nostalgic, absurd, raunchy, and fun 30 minute journey.
New Frontiers in Vaginal Consciousness (VAGCON™)
As Dr Tallulah wields her shamanic workshop on Vaginal Consciousness (VAGCON™), we, her audience, lay witness to her humorous & spiraling descent into the exploration of her sexuality, which ultimately reveals her HEART’S desire. This original story juxtaposes absurdity/sincerity, pathos/humor, pratfalls/seriousness, & explores themes relevant to our times. All welcome! No vagina is necessary to tap into the fold!
Rebel Seer
Were you told you were crazy when you saw what others pretended not to see? In the 1970's Rust Belt a rebel seer finds an outlet for her vision and voice in an all girl punk band. Denise Dee's band the Dykes were featured in the movie "Debt Begins at Twenty.
Reclaiming Vietnam
After rejecting her Vietnamese identity, Kim travels to Vietnam, the birthplace of her father. As she discovers the beauty of her roots, she is forced to combat the demons of her past, and learn the power of forgiveness.
Religomania (a.k.a. "Holy Crap!")
Nothing is sacred in "Religomania," a musical comedy that skewers religion and the dogma that divides us. Fed up with religious extremism, Mona is on a mission to take down organized religion. But with a new Republican regime infringing on the rights of ALL citizens, can she convince her friends to join the crusade? Or do they need faith to get through the next eight years?
Return to the Scene of the Crime
David Kleinberg returns to Vietnam for the first time in 50 years to revisit the base camp where his buddies died and to perform his acclaimed solo theater work on the Vietnam war, “Hey, Hey, LBJ!” But David's wife, daughter and his ex-Vietnam buddies all tell him he's going to get arrested for trying to stage the work without the government's permission. David is up every night at 3 looking for the first flight home.
screwmachine/eyecandy or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Big Bob
Join everyone's favorite TV game show host Big Bob and his lovely assistant Vera during this live broadcast of their ever-popular game show hit: The Big Bob Show! Watch as a team of married contestants pits their wits against each other for the chance to win valuable consumer products!! At first hilarious, then horrifying, it's like "Nobel Prize-winner Harold Pinter had eschewed the theater of menace to work with Chuck Woolery or Monty Hall"!!!
Sex, Math and Seizures
A comedy about putting family members into mental institutions and old age homes! HaHa! As the bumper sticker says "Be Kind to Your Children: They'll Choose Your Nursing Home." Featuring mathematicians, sex-addicts, and epileptics —i.e. Selfridge’s immediate family. “…funny, sad, thoughtful stuff that cuts to the chase of the human condition” (The Calgary Herald). Directed by David Ford.
Stories Hardly Worth Telling
Canadian Stand-up Comedian Logan T. Smith brings laughter to the unpleasantries of life as he tells stories from his experience -- growing up in a big family, seeking work after school, working in Pest Control -- and brings comedy to life in a clean way that won't make you blush, even when watching with your mom.
Submitted For Your Approval
The date, 1965. The place, a land beyond your wildest imagination. Join us for SUBMITTED FOR YOUR APPROVAL, a trio of inter-connected one acts that take you on a journey of the mind, both fantastic and surreal, realized for today in the style and tone of the original Rod Serling masterpiece.
Why Would I Mispronounce My Own Name
What's in a name? A minefield of misplaced notions -- comical, sad, demeaning, Irma's observations from the front-lines, notes from American history, and laugh out-loud humor allow us to consider what it will take for all of us to get along.

What's in a name? A minefield of misplaced notions -- comical, sad, demeaning, Irma's observations from the front-lines, notes from American history, and laugh out-loud humor allow us to consider what it will take for all of us to get along.
The Pact
Two best friends, Alice and Zane,spend every waking minute together in Zane's father's basement listening to records and getting high to escape reality. One day they decide to make a suicide pact to, one day, forever leave behind their sullen jobs and abusive parents.
To be or not to be, telle est la question
Until she had to memorize the famous Hamlet monologue, Marion’s essential question was: “To dye or not to dye?” and she considered suffering as an inconvenience to medicate. But the surprising appeal of those centuries old lines opened a can of worms. If Hamlet had taken an anti-depressant, would everyone in the story die at the end? Would there even be a story? When the title is a question, you can expect more questions.
You Fucking Earned It
Sabrina Wenske is a grotesquely pear-shaped creature in a wicked partnership with a humpbacked giggle-monster played by Cara McClendon. Together they pull the audience into the joyous, jingle-filled depths of America’s economic imperialism. These two disturbing anti-clowns shapeshift into sex slaves, orangutans, yoga moms, and more - all to satirically celebrate our convenient consumerism.
You're No Psychic!
Matt Weinstein recounts his adventures among the Fake Psychics, guaranteed Standing Ovations, leading a Pack of Howling Bears, and how to become a professional Hype Man.