POONSTRUCK: New Frontiers in Vaginal Consciousness (VAGCON™)

New Frontiers in Vaginal Consciousness (VAGCON™)
by Kelly Nesbitt
Portland, OR
EXIT Studio, 156 Eddy St, SF
TICKETS: $9 ($11.99 online)

As Dr Tallulah, a fiery Shamanic Healer, Sexual Activist, and Zen Cosmetologist, wields her shamanic workshop on Vaginal Consciousness (VAGCON™), we, her audience, lay witness to her unexpected, hilarious, and spiraling descent into the exploration of her sexuality, which ultimately reveals her HEART’S truest desire. This original story/performance juxtaposes absurdity with sincerity, pathos with humor, and pratfalls with seriousness all while tapping into the Vaginal Consciousness, the zeitgeist of a New Age baby boomer generation, a powerful jungle medicine, traumatic story telling (with a twist!), and ‘La Femme Fontaine’ (just a little (spr)YAY!). Dr Tallulah will explore themes of themes of aging, sexuality, intimacy, gender identity, loss of the tribe ‘Tribal Deficient Disorder™’ and utilize Qi-Gong Gi-Long foam rolling techniques, laughter-based therapy, and reversed Gestaltian methods to cultivate attunement, freedom, and reconnection with our VAGCON™! This is the work! Anyone interested in becoming more connected to the VAGCON™ is welcome—beginners, cismales, and wounded healers! No vagina is necessary to tap into the fold!
Kelly Nesbitt (producer/performer) is a writer and contemporary performance artist who creates original outlandish performances that are character driven, rooted in movement-based theater, and defy easy categorization. Kelly’s hybrid performances are semi-autobiographical and explore themes of aging, intimacy, sexuality, gender, and collective-consciousness. Her multimedia layered performances employ costumes, props, and audience participation along with her sharp sense of rhythm, somatic awareness, and swift sensitivity to audience interaction. Kelly is sure to make you laugh, cry, or possibly sigh (or maybe all three at once)!