Rebel Seer

Rebel Seer- How I Learned to Trust the Voices in My Head
by Denise Dee
The Raven's Way
San Francisco
Solo Performance
50 Minutes
EXIT Studio, 156 Eddy St, SF
TICKETS: $7 ($9.99 online)
FRI SEPT 8 8:30 PM Rebel Seer
SUN SEPT 10 2:30 PM Rebel Seer
SAT SEPT 16 6:00 PM Rebel Seer
SUN SEPT 17 4:00 PM Rebel Seer

In 1960’s working class Pittsburgh my mother and aunt did their best to hide my father’s schizophrenia. Trying to make our family look normal on the surface was “like putting perfume on a corpse.” The 8 year old girl who questioned everything turned into a 15 year old who swallowed her voice until 70’s punk let her know she was not alone. It’s not always clear who is on my side. I’m not even sure if I am. Creation and destruction are two sides of the same cycle and sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.
Denise Dee (Performer and Writer) owes her life to 70's punk rock. Her band Hans Brinker and the Dykes were featured in the film Debt Begins at 20 by Stephanie Beroes after which there was no turning back from speaking her truth. She was also the editor/ publisher of Lobster Tendencies one of the first punk lit zines in the 80's. The San Francisco Fringe Festival sparked a love for theater in the raw in Denise back in 1999 and inspired her to write a play and be part of the Fringe. Denise's first play The Family Tree won Best of the Fringe during the 2001 S.F. Fringe Festival. The Raven's Way is Denise's production company. This October she will curate the 4th annual Brouhaha- Causing A Disturbance- virtual festival.