Stories Hardly Worth Telling

Stories Hardly Worth Telling
by Logan T. Smith
Victoria, BC
Stand-up Comedy
EXIT Stage Left, 156 Eddy St, SF
TICKETS $8 ($10.99 online)
60 Minutes
SAT SEPT 9 2:30 Stories Hardly Worth Telling
WED SEPT 13 7:00 PM Stories Hardly Worth Telling
FRI SEPT 15 7:00 PM Stories Hardly Worth Telling
TUES SEPT 19 7:00 PM Stories Hardly Worth Telling

Canadian Stand-up Comedian Logan T. Smith brings laughter to the unpleasantries of life as he tells stories from his experience. Growing up in a big family, seeking work after school, and working in Pest Control are the main inspirations for Stories Hardly Worth Telling. Logan T. Smith brings comedy to life in a clean way that won’t make you blush, even when watching with your mom.
Logan T. Smith (Stand-up Comedian) was born and raised in Victoria, BC in a large family. After spending two years as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints he believed he should be a story teller. Not long after, inspired by delivering a spontaneous monologue about the absurdity of action figure movement to his brother and cousin, Logan decided to try stand-up comedy. Logan has been doing stand-up comedy telling mostly true stories from his life since 2011. Believing good humour can be a powerful uplifting force, Logan keeps his comedy clean and strives to bring laughter to the unpleasant things in daily life.