You Fucking Earned It

You Fucking Earned It
by Cara McClendon, Nathaniel Justiniano, Sabrina Wenske
Naked Empire Bouffon Company
San Francisco
EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy St, SF
60 Minutes
TICKETS: $12 ($14.99 online)
SAT SEPT 9 7:30 PM You Fucking Earned It
THUR SEPT 14 8:30 PM You Fucking Earned It
SAT SEPT 16 2:30 PM You Fucking Earned It
SAT SEPT 23 5:30 PM You Fucking Earned It

Winner of Best of SF Fringe 2012, Naked Empire returns with a pear-shaped grotesque in a wicked partnership with a hump-backed giggle monster. Together they pull the audience into the joyous, jingle-filled depths of America’s economic imperialism. These two disturbing anti-clowns shapeshift into sex slaves, orangutans, yoga moms, and more – all to satirically celebrate our convenient consumerism.
Sabrina Wenske (Co-writer and performer) is a multi-award winning San Francisco-based theatre actor and deviser. As Naked Empire’s program director, she mounted and performed in a two year series of original monthly shows called TOO SOON. She was head clown in the San Francisco Circus Center’s recent production of GUILTY AS SIN. She has also performed in many devised ensemble works, including BEND THE RULES, EAT THE HEAD which won Best of the 2015 SF Fringe and Official Selection in Berkeley’s inaugural BLAST Festival, and O BEST BELOVED by the Peripatetic Players, which won best of the 2013 SF Fringe.
Cara McClendon (Co-Creator, Performer) is an Oakland-based clown, bouffon and performer/deviser who has performed for audiences in classrooms, parks, in pre-schools, onstage, in hospitals, in prisons and in mental institutions around the world. In Santa Fe, New Mexico she was part of an all women’s circus for four consecutive years and she has been a part of the FLYLadies company in which she co-devised and performed in an all-female version of LORD OF THE FLIES. In 2014, as part of the clown company Tiny & Tall, she co-wrote and performed in LOCKED UP, a non-speaking show about two clowns in prison that premiered at the New York Clown Theater Festival. In 2014, as part of Patch Adams’ organization Gesundheit, she was part of a group of humanitarian clowns that worked with a Peruvian sister organization, Bola Roja, in the Peruvian Amazon.
Nathaniel Justiniano (Co-Creator, Director) is an award-winning actor/creator and teacher, as well as the founding Artistic Director of Naked Empire Bouffon Company. Since 2007, he has co-created shows that skewered topics like war, ecstatic ritual, the San Francisco queer community, institutional violence, our fear of death, class privilege, and the American Dream. In the Bay Area, he has worked extensively with We Players as a performer, creator, director and movement designer, as well as a performer with the Thrillpeddlers and Cutting Ball. He also teaches bouffon workshops in the US and Canada for which he was honored with the SF Bay Guardian's BEST OF THE BAY AWARD for BEST ROMP WITH YOUR INNER PSYCHOPATH. For 3 years, he served on the faculty of the Clown Conservatory of San Francisco and was the director of the 7-week Bouffon Intensive, the most comprehensive bouffon training ever offered in the United States. He holds an MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre from Dell'Arte International.